Live Surgery and Hands-On Navigation in Spinal Surgery

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Newly developed technologies are being used more and more in medicine and surgery, thus possibly changing daily activities. In the last years in spinal surgery was introduced the concept of navigation system and actually is recognize as a useful tool, especially in screws positioning.
However, despite triumphalism and excellent clinical and radiological results, as demonstrated by several papers, there is still debate regarding where and when this technology should be used.

Up to now on the market are available 3 main types of navigation:
• “Virtual fluoroscopy,” which allows simultaneous 2-dimensional (2D) views;
• 3D navigation based on pre-operative CT scan;
• 3D navigation based on intraoperative acquisition of images.

According to the type of navigation used different concerns arise: the quality of imaging, the overall cost of these technologies, the learning curve and radiation exposure form the main points on the bench for the prosecution.

Based on our long experience with all the type of navigation systems, adopted since 2001, we have created this interactive course, composed by a mix of lectures, live-surgery and an unique hands on course on spinal navigation, with the aim of offering a comprehensive picture of the topic.
Advantages as well disadvantages will be discussed with criticism and peculiar solutions proposed.

This course will provide the unique opportunity to meet some of the greatest exponents in the world of spine surgery. Participants will have the chance to interact with the experts in a relaxed and informal setting by discussing from the operating-room set-up to the technical aspects of navigation system. Specific clinical cases and tip and tricks of navigation will touch by hands during the interactive cadaver lab.

Milano is for the first time the venue of an event with this peculiar format, possible thanks to the new Luzzatto center and to an high-quality audio-video connection.
Following our tradition we have organized a format promoting discussions and sharing of experiences; our target will be achieved if those who will attend at this event will get back with some even small useful hint for professional activity.

Maurizio Fornari

Franco Servadei

Mehmet Zileli

Marco Crostelli

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