From cadaver lab dissection to operating room reconstruction

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Each presentation 20 min from 9:00 AM to 1 PM   CET


INTRODUCTION  Visocchi Massimiliano


9:00 GOEL Atul  (Mumbai India) Glioma surgery:   from the origins to  the surgical practice

9:20 CAPPABIANCA Paolo: (Naples Italy) Endoscopic transnasal approach to the skull base: from the origins to the future

9:40 OLIVI Alessandro (Rome Italy)  Intraventricular tumors: surgical strategies

10:00  CIAPPETTA  Pasquale (Rome Italy)  Precuneal approaches to the ventricular trigonum: to the cadaver lab to the operating theatr

10:20 CHERIAN (Karad India) Lype  Cysternostomy IN  brain trauma -  cadaver lab lessons to surgical nuances

10: 40 VISOCCHI Massimiliano (Rome Italy):  Cadaver lab investigations on CVJ  surgical domains

11:00  BORBA Luis (Curitirba Brazil) Tailorning surgical approaches  to CVJ  meningioma: from the LAB to OR

11:20 SIGNORELLI Francesco (Rome Italy): A 360° approaches to the CVJ in a cadaveric laboratory setting: historical insights, current and futur perspectives in a comparative studies

11:40 TALACCHI Andrea (Rome Italy) Hands on experimental  surgical approaches  to the  anterolateral  skull base

12:00 GONZALEZ Ivonne (Barcelona Spain) The pathway to Foramen Ovale percutaneous approaches in trigeminal neuralgia: new perspectives

12:20 AM – 1PM


SINHA Virendra (Jaipur India)

VISOCCHI Massimiliano (Rome Italy)


SIGNORELLI Francesco  RAPISARDA Alessandro (Rome Italy)

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